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ImageDon Bosco University today announced the launch of a new management course, and the best part is that you can get access to this high-quality MBA program through a simple mouse click. The students are free to log in for the course learning through their computer from anywhere in the world. They only need to obtain formal certification of
the University of Wales (exam) pay only.

You will be able to find the best courses in the world for e-Learning. Don Bosco Global MBA offers people to access free online lectures to listen College teacher and expert discussion groups, including the successful people in various industries.

Revolutionary “try before you buy” approach has two distinct advantages: First of all, this means that people who are interested in learning business skills through innovative supply channels providing free courses to learn some of the best  business lecturers; Second, those who are willing to obtain an MBA can examine the quality of the course before the real investment, at the same time to test their abilities and interests.

“Even if one does not plan to apply for official certification, DBU Global MBA will be free of charge to better enhance business students to respond to changes in the global talent market.”

Three audi -visual room of the Don Bosco University campus continuously record the latest learning materials to keep pace with business activities.

In the past, people used to spend much time to study for an MBA but there are many practical obstacles. So our new service uses the Facebook  (http://www.facebook.com/donboscoglobal) platform and we expect that during first year there will be around 100,000 users for this service, but this is only a conservative estimate. Two years ago, we have only some students in India, and this year, almost 10,000 students joined us from all over the world. Cyber world is difficult to estimate, but we are convinced that the online world will forever revolutionize our education.

We understand that the traditional business school platform has decades of history, and somehow missing its academic strength, so we decided to choose Facebook platform as it is the leading player among the social networks.

There is a huge potential for online education market Facebook is an integral part of people’s lives, we hold a sense of social responsibility, is intended to promote the acquisition of knowledge.”

DBU Global applications developed for us by former Google employees provide MBA
degree awarded by the University of India. This is a first for all free online MBA
program, students need to select the degree examination fee.

Although completing the DBU Global certification program still needs certain conditions – undergraduate or five years professional experience – but we provide all users with free learning resources, including high-definition video content. The other MBA here do not.

need to pay in advance, allowing the students that examinations are economically acceptable when paid.

You can get lecture’s video demo, screenshots, photos and complete description of the student case studies and industry comment from the following website:

DBU Global applications are accessible through the following URL: